I am grateful that you are here supporting my little business

About Me:
About Me:

Hello!!! I am Beth Ferndz, I’m a crafter and I love all the things that I can do myself, I have always thought that the best gift is one that you make with your own hands, because it is something unique, that comes from the heart and that is destined for someone special, a person that we want to show how much we care.



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    1. Maríaobdulialr en Home

      Que productos tan alegres y modernos. Espero tengan mucha aceptacion

    2. Trinidad Jansen en Home

      Congrats on your new site, get it listed here for free and we’ll start sending people to your site bit.ly/submit_site_t9qPdO4E2oF2

    3. Tania Chávez en Home

      Bella colección, es un trabajo hecho con amor, talento y dedicación, para alguien Especial.

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